Riverdale Recents


Ariana South, Staff Reporter

Riverdale: the show people either love or love to hate.

The most recent episode, Chapter 52: The Raid aired two weeks ago, and fans of the show are waiting to see what will happen next.

The episode focused on Betty looking further into the Farm after a tour of the new space, which had past use by the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, the cult-like home for “troubled youths.” While on the tour with Veronica, Betty went in for a quick interview to see what the Farm was all about. During this interview, the “farmie”  student Evelyn Evernever asks simple questions about Betty and her habits. Betty took note of the recording of the interview, and asks why they record the interviews, where they store the tapes, and if she could talk to Edgar Evernever, Evelyn’s father and founder of the Farm.

When Evelyn couldn’t answer these questions and denied Betty from talking with her father, Betty did what she does best: be Nancy Drew and get to the bottom of things. However, this time didn’t go as well as the last. HBIC and cousin of Betty, Cheryl Blossom was recruited to wear a broach with a microphone to listen in on an interview. When Cheryl got in, and talk to Edgar, Betty was close to finding out where they store the interview tapes. The signal cut out, and when Betty met with Cheryl the next day, she came to find that Cheryl had been roped into the Farm’s culture as well. As she lost the one and only person on the inside, Betty took matters into her own hands. Sneaking into the Farm’s building while the open house for new Farm members ran on the upper floors, she was able to get into the “broom closet” where they store the tapes. With the information from Cheryl and her mother about what goes on within the walls of the Farm, Betty was able to find her mother’s and older sister’s tapes.

I think the show has gone down a route that is too creepy and dark to ever escape from, and what comes from here can only get worse as the season continues. Even with this new discovery into the farm, Betty’s investigation is most likely only going to last until episode 56 or 57.

What do you think will happen in the next episodes? Will Betty shut down the Farm single handed, or will things go even deeper into the dark and creepy world Riverdale has become?