Y’all, it’s time to get dressed

Emily Bauman, staff reporter

It seems like fate, last week I wrote about when it’s “okay” to start wearing shorts and then Bloomington-Normal experienced a little snow storm. Mother Nature and I are on the same page: it’s not time to wear shorts. Despite the lingering snow slush on the ground, it’s still technically spring. Here’s a guide to dressing with the season and still being temperature appropriate this chilly spring. It’s all in the colors.

The late frost has made it hard to get inspired this spring, but a change of season can still find its way into April with our clothing choices. Color is going to be key to spring style this year and should be finding its way into your clothes soon. Pastel colors are the easiest way to get the spring feeling without compromising warmth.

Pinks, purples, and blues are going to be the best colors to incorporate into everyday outfits, but to keep warm and to match the temperature, it’s best to wear bright, lively colors in long sleeves, layered with jackets or  thin sweaters. Paring pops of color alongside neutral tones such as black, white, beige or grey will make sure that spring is represented.

As far as bottoms go, look for light wash jeans to bring some warmth to your wardrobe. Wearing light wash jeans will help with the overall lightening of the outfit almost as much as we want the sun to light up the day and warm the temperature

Consider overalls as well this spring. Overalls give a care-free and a “just came out of the garden” vibe just when it seems like the time for planting flowers is never going to come. A light wash jean overall with a colored shirt underneath will scream spring without becoming too bare.

Mother nature may be on my side on the whole shorts issue, but she isn’t on our side in giving us the warmer spring weather we’re wanting. So dress for spring without getting cold by just simply picking the right colors. Maybe if we wear enough bright colors we can get the message across: it’s time for spring.