The Sparrow Spice: Self Tanning

Hannah Sparrow

May is here and we all know what that means… summer is on it’s way!

It’s time for the shorts to come out and the coats to go away which leaves many of us with Casper-the-ghost white skin gleaming in the sun.

Or for those of us who don’t want to admit to the world how pale we’ve gotten over the winter… it’s self tan time.

While I support the effort of a sun kissed glow, some people look like you work in a Chocolate Factory.

Ompa Loompa Doompety DON’T!

If I’m walking down that hall and do a double take because I think Snooki and JWOW just walked in, that’s not a good thing.

So my advice, go easy with the Jergens Glow and to orange skin… say no.