Album Review: Jade Bird

Alexander Mercado, Staff Reporter

For her debut studio album, Jade Bird’s self titled album is a 12 track 60’s folk revival experience.  Loud, bombastic drumming and intense acoustic guitars paired with yelled vocals makes for a unique performance reminiscent of the late Janis Joplin.  

The album opens with a more somber track entitled “Ruins”, and the next track quickly delves into the aforementioned bombastic folk rock.  The next song, “I Get No Joy”, is likely one of the more prominent singles on the album. If one song had to be chosen to represent her style of music, this would be it.  Track 7, another single called “Uh Huh”, continues the fast style that Jade Bird will no doubt be known for. After more of the same, the album closes with a rather depressing song called “If I Die”, which is also the longest song on the album (3 minutes and 50 seconds long).  None of the songs are longer than 4 minutes, which is typical of modern pop songs.

All things considered, this album is an interesting listen if you’re a fan of Janis Joplin, The Beatles, or even Heart.  The album didn’t really speak to me, but it was an enjoyable listen nonetheless.