The Sparrow Spice: spring shoe trends

Hannah Sparrow, Staff Reporter

As we welcome the warm weather. people are busting out their favorite spring and summer shoes. And let’s all be honest with ourselves… some of them are pretty ugly.

Crocs- The nostalgic shoe us young ladies all once rocked with a Limited Too glitter tank top and a pair of gauchos. Not to also forget the Jibbet cartel that was created under the slides during recess. AND BABY THEY’RE BACK!… but it’s just not the same. These hole-y shoes have become the holy shoe among high school athletes coming to and from their games (often paired with Nike socks) and I’m sorry, but that just ain’t cute.

Birkenstocks- Ahhh, the shoe that should belong to organic banana bread making moms and wilderness loving men. However, they’ve turned into the #1 teen girl fashion trend. I’ll admit I own a pair but one thing I don’t dare take a part in…wear them with socks!

Chacos- Unless you’re exploring the great outdoors or drudging through streams you don’t need to wear these.


I’m a SHOE-in for warm weather, how ’bout you?