Live Justice, Live Keaton

Keaton Knuth, Staff Reporter

Hey guys! My name is Keaton Knuth and I will be writing this component each week to tell the story of an average high school student, who also happens to work at Justice.

This week’s tragedy happened on Sunday the 15th. I was walking around the store cleaning up all the clothes, like I was supposed to, when I found a pair of jean shorts sitting on a rounder.

So as one should, I went to hang it up where it was supposed to be. When I got to the display, I saw that there was no room for these shorts. So I called for my manager, Jessie, to inform her that these shorts will not fit.

She challenged me and told me to make them fit. To prove my point, I was jiggling the hanger with the intentions of the shorts staying. As I was doing so, a metal sign holder fell off of the shelf and the corner landed on my face and hitting my elbow on the way down.

Jessie and I started laughing, or in her case wheezing, so hard that we ended up on the floor crying. Once we composed ourselves, she looked at my face to see a cut and blood. Instead of being concerned, she started to laugh again as I was crying.

While this was happening, all of the customers in the store stared at us and I assume judged us. So we both sat behind the counter and laughed it off until they all left.

That’s all for this week, but remember to check back next week in order to Live Justice, Live Keaton.