The Sparrow Spice: Hallway PDA

Hannah Sparrow, Staff Reporter

Ahhh, high school, the time when teenagers are thrown in a building together in hopes to gain life skills so they may run free after four years of service. Though many do not enjoy these years of football games, dances, GPA’s, and the luxury of not having to pay a mortgage, there are some that sure take all that they can get out of it… LOVE.

Yes, I said it, LOVE, the phenomenon that not even my grandparents who have been married for 65 years can quite grasp the concept of. However, the teen somethings that roam the halls of Normal West insist on playing tonsil hockey, interlocking fingers, and hugging in a way that looks like they’re recording every detail of each other’s odors.

I’m not here to convince you that you can’t fly like love birds through the atrium. However, let’s not give live demonstrations of The Bachelorette.

Thank you!