You better know how to ‘Hit the Woah’

Gina Dauenheimer, Staff Reporter

In 2019, almost everyone knows what to do when someone tells you to Hit the Woah. If not, you might live under a rock (sorry),  but let me explain it to you:

Basically you make a small circular motion with your hands, it needs to be quick and leans into a freeze when the beat drops. Or image driving a truck and coming off the road, that’s what the motion literally looks like.

Since you know how to move now, let me tell you this: When someone ask you to hit the Woah, you do it! Usually another person acts like they ‘throw’ something at you, and you catch it with hitting the Woah. You will get the hang of it.

“I don’t really care, the Woah is stupid. It is just another popular dance move that people think makes them cool. It’s fun and catchy but kind of stupid.”, said Lexi Hughes a Freshmen at West.

Even on Snapchat you can find a ‘story’ called “Hit the Woah”, you should definitely give this new move a try!