How to successfully get through finals

Grace Hensley, Staff Reporter

Grace Hensley

Don’t study.

Just kidding.  Please study. It’s probably the most effective way to pass your final.  

Pace yourself.  

Studying for 5 minutes and taking a 30 minute break does not count as studying.  Trust me, I would know.

Don’t forget to ask for help.

Who knows, it might literally save your final if you ask the right thing.

Be nice.

Yes, we understand you’re stressed out (or in a bad mood because you’re 99% sure you’re going to fail your finals), but we are all in a similar position.  It’s just going to make everything way worse if everybody’s in a bad mood towards each other.

Be well rested.

Most teenagers like sleep, so it won’t be too difficult to just finish the last week of school getting enough sleep.  Plus, you’re about to go into the summer when you can stay up as late as you want.