How to survive Journalism

Hannah Sieg, Staff Reporter

Here at Normal West we have a school newspaper that not many students know about. It includes many types of articles including news, features, sports, entertainment, opinion articles. Taught by English teacher Mr. Hoder, Journalism is a class specifically designed for writing these articles. Here is how to survive Journalism:

  1. You actually have to do work

Since journalism is an elective, most students think it’s going to be an easy blow off class you can take your junior or senior year. But you actually have to do work because normally there is an article due every week that has to include multiple interviews and a picture. But as soon as you get your article done for the week, you can relax a little bit since you got your work done. Congrats!

     2.  Be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone

Since you have to write an article every week, it means you have to interview different people a lot. Depending on what you’re writing about, you may have to interview people you’ve never talked to before. At first it’s a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier.

     3. Have a good time

Yes, sometimes this class has a lot of assignments, but once you get it all done, you get to hang out with your friends in the class, as well as the amazing teacher. You may even get to watch funny YouTube videos or play Candy Land. Just remember to have fun, but also do your work, and your journalism experience will be unforgettable!