Normal West students give ideas on how to show more school spirit

How can we have more school spirit at Normal West sporting events?

Sophomore Hunter Collins was a part of the Normal West Cheerleading team this season and she wishes that the crowd got more involved at games, especially basketball. She said, “We need to start a Student Section Club where we talk about what to wear, the theme and a place to make posters to bring to the game. We could also have fundraisers to raise money for our student section. I want everyone to be involved as much as possible.”

Brianna Hamel
Hunter Collins

Junior Eanna Moss stated, ” We need designated leaders to lead the student section so everyone has someone to look up to. This way everyone can have fun at the games while also being respectful of our school.”

Normal West junior, Hailey Hampton, said, “I think the amount of school spirit we have now is enough. It’s not to much but it also shows that we care about our school and it’s sports.” 

Another idea that came from Sophomore Sofie Williams was, “We need to get better music to make it more enjoyable for the fans. It would be nice if we could have announcers that play music when a basket/goal is made or announce the specific player who scored the points.” 

Sophomore Olivia Peters said,” I think freshman need to be more involved, come to the games and participate in the theme. If the theme is a blackout, then we need to make sure everyone is wearing the color black, not just the upperclassmen.”