Wildcats share their memories of Halloween


Carlie Krzeminski, Staff Reporter

Not everyone does Halloween the same. Some people go out and dress up, others will pass out candy. Older kids may play pranks, and some may go to parties. I went around school and found out how people at Normal West celebrate Halloween.

I asked students, teachers, and staff advisers. They all grew up in different time periods but have similar stories.  Halloween has not changed much over the years.

Mr. Hill said, “Dressing up as a ghost was one of my favorite memories because I was really into pac-man.”

Jenna Breen (12) said, “My favorite memory of halloween was dressing up as a Steak-N-Shake waitress.”

Conner McCloud (12) said, “I enjoyed scaring the crap out of the children when they came to the neighborhood and especially around my house.”

Mrs. Nikolanci said, “School parades were my favorite memory, I got to spend time with my friends while dressing up in cool costumes.”

Ryan Weber (12), said, “My friends and I used to ding dong ditch people’s homes until someone called the cops and we had to run and hide.”