West staff ready for summer break

Summer Time!!

David Franklin

Summer Time!!

Gina Dauenheimer, Staff Reporter

On May 31st, West teachers can finally relax for a few months. Summer is what we all been waiting for, including the teachers. Some Wildcat teachers shared their summer plans:

 “I’m grading AP Tests and travelling to Houston,” said Mrs. Freeman. “We do a family vacation to Alabama, and I’m most excited to ride a jet ski.” 

 Miss Evans said, “I’m going to Denver and Chicago for AP exam training.”

“This summer I’m going to Oaxaca, Mexiko to study abroad and to Houston for the repesentive Assembly for my union.  After that, I’m touring the Southwest with my family,” said Mr. Goeke.

 Mrs. Simmons said, “This summer I’m helping my daughter moving into college. She is moving 4 hours away, and I’m excited, but also sad because I’m used to her being around.”

 “I will be working most of the summer and we are moving,” said Mrs. Nichols.

 “I’m watching a lot of baseball and softball because my kids are playing. We are also doing a Florida trip and camping, and I will read a lot,” said Mrs. Hafermann.

 Mrs.Sharer-Barbee said, “We are going to Florida, and I will also do fun stuff with my daughter like swimming and a music class.”


 I hope that all Wildcats enjoy their break.

Mrs. Nichols is excited for summer break. Photo by: Gina Dauenheimer