West students make NBA predictions


Ryan Gibson

Seniors Kayla Johnson (left) and Caroline Rhoda (right) smile after they made their NBA predictions.

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

When fall comes around, that means the NBA season is about to begin. With that comes anticipation from students at Normal West. Students and faculty around the school were asked about their predictions on the upcoming season.

Junior Dawson Beck said, “The Timberwolves will advance to the finals and win, the Brooklyn Nets will be the worst team in the league, and Lebron will be the MVP.”

Senior Madi Tomlin, is anticipating the start of the NBA season. She said, “The worst team will be the Chicago Bulls. The Thunder and Celtics will advance to the NBA finals and the Thunder will win.” When asked who the rookie of the year will be she said, “Justin Jackson from Sacramento. He’s from North Carolina and had a good year in his last college season.”

Associate Principal Mrs. Codron said, “The Cavaliers and Warriors will play in the finals and the Warriors will win it all. The Bulls will be the worst team in the league this year.” Mrs. Codron also said, “The sharpshooter, Steph Curry will win the MVP.”

Senior Kayla Johnson said, “I don’t know who will win the championship this year, but go Bulls!”

Senior Caroline Rhoda said, “The Warriors will definitely win the title and the Knicks will be the worst team.”   

Ryan Weber (12) said, “The Cavaliers will win in seven games playing the Warriors. The MVP this season will be Lebron James. The rookie of the year will be Dennis Smith Jr. And the Bulls will be the worst team.”

The Wildcats made some bold predictions for the upcoming NBA season and are ready for the season tip off.