Dogs vs. Cats

We recently went around the school asking, “Do you prefer dogs or cats” to see which popular pet species the was the top dog in the hearts of the Normal West Wildcats.

Brandon Cary (12) said that he prefers cats “Because I have more cats than I have dogs, I have six cats and only one dog.”

In Abby Craig’s (12) opinion, dogs are better than cats: “You can get a dog exited about a lot of things and cats don’t care about anything.”

Sarah Yoder (11) “I like cats because I have two of them. Also dogs are too hyper and have too much energy.”

Ben Bross (12) prefers cats because, “they are nicer than dogs.”

Dog lover Sabrina Poston (12) added: “I’m a dog person because I had a cat named Snickers and he bit my nose when I was a kid, so I don’t like cats anymore.”

Abby Schuneman (11) exclaimed, “I’m a cat person because you don’t have to pick up their poop!”

Ben Eddy (10) thinks that “cats are evil.”

Hailey Hampton (11) loves man’s best friend because, “Dogs are a lot more cuddly than cats.”

Similarly, Mr. John Bierbaum (Staff) prefers dogs due to the fact that, “dogs actually love you and want to be around you.”

Amy Gourley (11) identifies with cats more than dogs, “I am a cat person because I relate to their movements, and physical attributes.”


Normal West seniors: Brandon Cary, Abby Craig, and junior Sarah Yoder at lunch

Photo by Ceil Steinbacher-Kemp



Mr. John Bierbaum teaches a psychology class at Normal West

Photo by Ceil Steinbacher-Kemp



Normal West junior Abby Schuneman at lunch

Photo by Ceil Steinbacher-Kemp