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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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West EFTours headed to Europe in Summer 2024

Olivia Ruff
The 2023 EFTour group, led by teachers Olivia Ruff and Morgan Kraus, visited London, among other cities in the summer of 2023. This summer, Ruff and Kraus will lead a different group of students back to Europe!

The Normal West EFTour Travel Group went to London, Paris and Normandy last summer. However, Advisers Olivia Ruff and Morgan Kraus are working on two different additional trips: one the summer of 2024 and another in 2025. 

During the summer of 2024, they plan to go to a different part of Europe: Switzerland, Italy and France. They will begin in Switzerland and then will head to Italy, south of Rome. Their trip will end in the French Riviera, which they will be flying out of. 

For the summer of 2025, they plan to go to Japan. 

The price of the trips vary per student because there are scholarships and fundraising. 

There are different ways students can fundraise. In the past, they’ve done Double Good, Krispy Kreme, or individual donations.

A breakdown of the costs can be found on the registration page once a student is fully signed up for a trip. With these trips being planned so far in advance it makes raising the money easier for students to raise the money. 

These trips are focused on doing things that will interest students, so with that in mind the Europe trip is going to places that have interesting things like the Swiss Alps in Switzerland. 

During the visits from city to city, the group goes on walking and bus tours with expert Locals. Students will also indulge in authentic food in all the different locations and go sightseeing in these unique places. 

There are many spots on the trip for people who want to experience different cultures and try new things. 

Any students interested can sign up on these enrollment links.

Visit our tour page for Japan: Backtracking the Golden Route to view the trip details and enroll: 

Visit our tour page for Switzerland, Italy, and France for trip details and to enroll:


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