West students taking classes in preparation for college


Bella Delsasso (12) working on her lesson plan for blended EYC

Keaton Knuth, Staff Reporter

As students choose their course selection for next year, they were given wide variety of classes to pick from. These include hands on learning like Geometry and Construction in addition to the more traditional classes like English. However, there are also classes that offer students more benefits such as college credit and independent learning.

Dual Credit and Blended Learning classes are two programs that are becoming more popular every year among students.

Dual Credit classes gives students a chance to immerse themselves into college level classes without paying the fees of attending the college. The main perk of the class is that students receive college credits that transfer to Heartland or others who accept it.

West offers 16 Dual Credit classes which include Introduction to the Humanities, Composition I and II, Intro to Oral Communication, Introduction to Education, Western Civilization and many more.

Student Morgan Taylor (11) says that “Dual Credit isn’t even that difficult. It may be college curriculum, but as I am taking the class it seems like any other class.”

While Dual Credit classes have much to offer, Blended Learning classes are an interesting alternative to a regular class. They take the curriculum of a regular class but let the student be more independent. This is achieved through “flex days”.

Three days a week students are required to attend the class and be taught by the teacher. The remaining days,”flex days”, are given to the students so they can work on what was assigned which gives these classes more of a college feel.

According to Mr. Ostling, this year West offers five blended classes, but will expand greatly in the years to come.

Bella Delsasso (12) takes blended EYC and  and says that the benefits are amazing.

“I have the two classes and lunch all in a row which gives me plenty of time to do the things that I need to get done,” said Delsasso. “I also usually have time to grab coffee or grab something to eat during that time.”

Students who are serious about their education should certainly consider looking into Dual Credit and Blended Learning classes. They give the feeling of the “college world” before the time comes to leave for college.