West students weigh their ‘promposal’ options


One Wildcat takes the simple approach to his “promposal”.

Keaton Knuth, Staff Reporter

With prom season in full swing, all of the angsty and overdramatic juniors and seniors start to scramble together ideas on how they will propose the idea of prom to their significant other, best friend, or the crush they have no chance with.

When it comes to the prom and how to ask, there are three groups of people. Those who just go with a group of close friends, those who ask someone in a simple way, and then there are those who go all out and make it a bigger deal than it really needs to be.

Jack Courtad (11), is the one of many students here at West that have decided to go with a group of friends to prom. This means no promposal was needed.

“I didn’t want the pressure of having to ask someone, and I enjoy the time spent with my boys, so I decided prom would be better this year with them too,” explained Courtad.

On the extreme side of things, senior Bella Delsasso went all out. Delsasso’s girlfriend goes to college in Monmouth, so she decided to go and surprise her a few weekends ago.

“I filled her dorm room with balloons and had a heart shaped balloon that said ‘prom?’ on it. I also had a sign that said ‘I just wanted to pop you a question’ and I made her a balloon that said yes and it was full on confetti,” said Delsasso.

Seeing both the minimalist and extreme promposals, Jason Boomgarden (12) decided to be simple but sweet.

“I bought a box of peanut butter M&Ms from the dollar store and then gave then to her and said that ‘nothing would be (peanut) BUTTER than prom with you!’. I then proceeded to eat all of those M&Ms…….. Right in front of her,” said Boomgarden.

Hailey Adams (11), explained that she took the simplest promposal possible. She texted him.

“We were texting about making plans for the weekend and I just popped the question. He said yes, of course, but it was fast and simple,” said Adams.

As people are scrambling to make last minute decisions on who they are asking, Normal West will most likely witness many extreme promposals from anxious teens hoping to hear a definite yes.