NCWHS seniors prepare to say goodbye

Grace Hensley, Staff Reporter

Graduation is always a bittersweet topic.  Even though the day of graduation is anxiously waited for by almost any senior, when the day comes, there’s still a small, sad feeling deep inside you because you’re leaving the place you’ve spent the majority of the last four years of your life in.  

When you’re entering high school as a freshman, seniors look so much older than you.  Sometimes, they’re even looked up to. I haven’t had the experience of being a senior yet, but I look forward to continuing to grow for the next two years with my classmates until we go our separate ways.  

I want to continue to work on my writing and take classes that will help me become a stronger reader and writer.

I have had the opportunity to become friends with the graduating class this year.  Although it breaks my heart to see them leave me, I know they will all do good things, and I’d like to thank them for being good role models to me for the past year.  

As I continue at Normal West for the next two years, I am going to try to be the best student that I can be, and keep my grades up.

Even though four years seems like a long time, almost anyone can tell you it goes by in the blink of an eye.  Before my friend graduated, she told me to appreciate the little things, like someone helping you out with homework, or someone lending a pencil, because pretty soon, years will have passed and there might only be subtle memories left.  

As I go through the rest of high school, I know that I will make friends and lose friends.  And I know that by the time I leave high school, I might only have contact with one or two of them.  Even if that is true, I still look forward to growing with them and making memories.

School is a different experience for everybody.  And even though many people’s stories don’t exactly match up with High School Musical, it’s still difficult to leave it all behind in the end.