Theatre dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’ in November

Theatre dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’ in November

Hailey Hampton, Staff Reporter

Students and staff have all hands on deck for this year’s winter musical “White Christmas”, and this is the inside look of their progress.

Auditions for the musical were held in early September and since then there have been many rehearsals and now there is only about five weeks left. The show is completely blocked and the music is learned, next step is to put all of those aspects together.

Mr. Kerr, one of the directors, discussed how he thinks the start has gone so far: “It’s gone well! Everyone has been excited and learning everything smoothly. There’s lots of great talent and everyone is excited to work and create a great environment.”

Kerr added, “This year there’s an improvised matinee show and there’s more ensemble opportunities.” He also commented, “I’ve had more time to gel with the students and the directing staff.”

The winter musical is a change from the usual spring musical. Regarding this, Kerr said, “It’s nice to change it up and do something seasonal.”

Mrs. Williams is the music director for musical. She commented on the progress of musical. “It was hard to get everyone together because fall is busy, but we’ve hit a groove.”

Williams also said, “The cast is solid, and not just the top six people, but the entire cast. I look forward to it [rehearsals], and even though there are difficult parts, we handle it so well.”

Tanner Starr (12) has participated in musical all four years and discusses the difference between a spring musical and a winter musical. He said, “I like that I’m able to do something I enjoy a lot, but I’m still able to possibly look for a job in the Spring.”

Nick Koch (12) said “It’s been busier because I’m involved in marching band and different concerts. It’s strange because I did musical here in eighth grade and now on my final year we’re doing a winter musical; nonetheless, it’s still fun and I’ll love it forever and always.”

The excitement in the cast and crew is growing as the show nears. Keep a lookout for when tickets go on sale and experience the festive feel “White Christmas” has to offer.