What does feminism mean to you?


West seniors Lauren Evans, Blake Rodgers, Hunter DeFrees (left to right).

When asked this question, Normal West students and teachers responded accordingly.


Jacen Barron, Normal West junior.

Mr. Klokkenga (Normal West social studies teacher): “Not the stereotypical view of women burning bras and not shaving their legs. Feminism to me is the belief that men and women should have equal rights, equal pay: if a woman has the same job as a man, then she should get paid what the man would get paid.”


Mr. Berardi (Normal West social studies teacher): “Feminism is the idea that there is a patriarchal male-dominated society; if you’re a feminist, you take action to make it equal. So that a woman should be able to achieve all that she can achieve based on her merits.”


Jacen Barron (11): “The equal rights of men and women; that no one should be discriminated against for their gender.”


Lauren Evans (12): “When someone is really into enforcing rights for girls and making sure men and women are equal.”


Hunter DeFrees (12): “Just equality of the sexes.”


Brianna Hamel (10): “The treatment of women.”


Giorgio Altavila: Spoke in Italian about feminism; in gist, he said that feminism is the idea that men and women are not the same and will never completely be equal in all areas.