What are Normal West staff and students top 3 priorities?


Sapphire Campbell- ” I want to be a good person, because I want to leave this world better then i found it.”

Morgan Pulliam- Senior
1. friends and family “They help me get through everything.”
2. education “Living in ignorance is a boring way to live.”
3. Giving back “I want to leave the world a better place then when I came into it.”

KeKe Williams-Senior
1. family
2. education
3. living life to the fullest

Sapphire Campbell-Junior
1.Occupation “I want to be an actress”
2.Having fun “I joke around with my friends and climb trees”
3. Being a good person

Mrs.Nichoals-IMC Assistant
1. Family ” I have 5 kids and 1 grandkid, so I want to take good care of them”
2. Laughing “I crack myself up all the time”
3. eating ” I love to eat, specifically spaghetti”

Sean Kerr- IT Technician (class of ’99)
1. kids ” I have 2 boys and I want to be a good role model for them.”
2.extended family ” I see them almost every week”
3. Volunteer “I love to volunteer specifically for a music camp in Indiana.”

Mitch Schiller Senior
1. Success “I do my best in school and try to be the best version of myself everyday.”
3.New experiences “I am aspiring to get more work experience and to go to college.”