Should there be later start times?


We decided to ask West students about later start times, we also asked some teachers about how they felt about the idea and how it would be implemented.


Sophomore Devon Whitsey said, “ I think they’re a good idea, but I have no idea how they would figure it out with the buses.”


Sophomore Jake Severt said, “That should happen because I hate waking up super early, I can’t focus”


Freshman Murphy McCain said, “That would be so much better, I wake up early enough as it is.”


Freshman Austin Evans said, “That would be great to have at least an hour more to sleep on more than just late starts”


Sophomore, Nick Koch said, “Later start times are proven by science to be better for students actually, If the district did that then maybe the students would perform better, it would also be nice to sleep longer.”


Senior, Kendra Winks said “I really hope that Unit 5 will do that one day, I’m kinda mad I won’t be able to have later times though.”


Sophomore, Tyric Williams said, “That would be a blessing for everyone, more sleep is always good. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad when people stay up to do homework.”


Junior, Ben Buckley said, “I don’t really mind the start time now, I naturally wake up at 6 anyway so it doesn’t affect me as much.”


Almost every person said that they would want later start times for more sleep, and to do better in school. So its your move Unit 5.