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Schermann looks to senior leaders for 2024 softball season

courtesy of Jossie Rood
the 2023 Wildcat softball team won regionals with a loaded senior class. The 2024 Wildcats will look to their new senior class to continue the success!

With the 2024 Normal West Softball season on the horizon, we had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Schermann to discuss her coaching journey, the team’s preparation, and expectations for the upcoming season.

Coach Schermann brings a wealth of experience to the field, having been involved in softball from her collegiate days at Illinois State University to being a volunteer coach at Normal West, then being hired as head coach twenty two years ago.

Reflecting on last year’s standout performers, Coach Schermann highlights the return of all juniors from the previous season. They’re now stepping into leadership roles as seniors. Despite the loss of some key graduates, including Emily Kobel, Katie Poehlman, and Rileigh Morlock.

Kenzie Fazig, a reliable pitcher and Natalie Nenne, versatile infielder, are among the returning for their senior season, expected to lead the team.

Additionally, Talyn Cramer and Jossie Rood are returning to make significant contributions to the team.

Coach Schermann expresses her excitement for the upcoming season, fueled by the element of the unknown. With positions up for grabs there’s a potential for inclusion of freshmen and sophomores in the varsity lineup.

She emphasizes the importance of senior leadership in guiding the team through uncharted territory.

Coach Schermann mentions the determination and work ethic exhibited by the current seniors that she has already seen taking place pre-season. Explaining the team’s commitment to offseason training including voluntary weightlifting sessions initiated by the players themselves demonstrates their unwavering dedication to the team.

She also remarks how open gyms are led by upperclassmen. Serving as a platform for skill development and team cohesion.

As the team gears up for the season, Coach Schermann acknowledges the challenges posed by opponents in upcoming tournaments.

The team heads to Gulf Shores for their Spring Break trip in a couple of weeks.

“[Gulf Shores] will be a good challenge because we will be fresh on the dirt and many of them have been playing for a month and the teams down south are always very good and very competitive,” Schermann notes.
Another tournament, The Rockridge Tournament, offers opportunities for growth and competition against top-tier teams, as well.

To prepare, the team focuses on refining their skills and adapting to game scenarios, ensuring they are equipped to face any challenge.

As the countdown to the first pitch begins, Coach Schermann emphasizes the importance of unity and collective effort within the team.

Learning from challenges encountered in previous seasons, Coach Schermann emphasizes the fact that every player has a role in contributing to the team’s success. Explaining the acronym she uses “O.N.E. We only need everyone,” Coach Schermann instills a sense of camaraderie within the team, laying the foundation for a successful season ahead.

The Wildcats will officially kick off the 2024 season on Monday, March 11 at 4:30 pm at Bloomington Central Catholic High School.

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