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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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West’s Schermann hits 500 career wins

Varsity softball coach collects major milestone
image provided by @ncwhs_softball
West softball head coach April Schermann celebrated her 500th win on Saturday, April 20. Schermann has a storied career here at West, and she and the 2024 Wildcats hope to build some momentum as the postseason enars.

In her 21st year as Normal West Varsity Head Coach, April Schermann reached her 500th career win.

In their conference game against Peoria Notre Dame, the Wildcats outscored the Irish 5-2 to advance Schermann’s record to 500-169.

Schermann has many traditions and routines that set her apart from all other coaches around.

Normal West softball has a mental training program that no other team in the area does and it’s benefits are seen on the field. Schermann believes that the mental aspect of softball is just as important as the physical piece.

The time spent on the mental part of the game is crucial to the culture of Normal West softball.

Schermann’s players buy-in to the mental training program and put in time and effort to improve themselves and their performance.

“The mental side of the game is just as important as the physical side. Scherm utilizes Peak Performance Coach Ethan Miller, to help her athletes stay mentally sound throughout the season.” shared senior Emily McCandless.

Apart from the mental side of the game, Schermann has decades of experience around the game of softball. This experience allows her players to wholeheartedly trust her coaching style and decisions.

“All the athletes are grateful to have a coach like Scherm, who is knowledgeable on all parts of the game. She truly does help her athletes become the best they can be both mentally and physically.” reported McCandless.

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