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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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Out with the old; in with the new! The Normal West PodCATS gets a room renovation

Eden Husarik
Above, the renovated PodCATS recording studio shines. Students involved in the exclusive podcast are excited to have a facelift to their space. You can listen to PodCATS on Spotify, Apple Music, or Google.

The Normal West PodCATS completely transformed their recording room into a charming studio for the 2024 year.

What was once a very mundane room with gray walls, tile floors, and a round circle table with a couple of microphones has transformed into a cozy room with carpet and their very own logo printed on the wall.

Mr. Franz, Chair of the schools business department, is also a host for the PodCATS.

“We painted the walls, carpeted the floors, fabricated the sound panels, got a new table and chairs, new microphones and cables, pop filters, and 2 floor lamps,” Franz stated.

The group also plans on acquiring picture frames to showcase all members a part of the Podcast team, including the hosts, producers and media team.

“It just felt different,” Franz said, “It gets us more excited about the podcast and we’re more motivated to make sure we’re pumping out podcasts every week.”

It’s important to note that the new and improved PodCats studio would not have been possible without the interior design class.

“Some of the interior design students came in last year and helped pick out the fabric for the sound boards, the carpet, and what color the walls should be,” Franz emphasized, “they were a part of the process and we couldn’t have made it look as good and sharp without them.”

The Normal West PodCATS are ecstatic to start recording in their renovated studio. With all these room updates, finer equipment, and a more professional studio, the PodCATS are hoping to release more podcasts.

You can stream the NCWHS podCats on Spotify, Apple Music, or Google.

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