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Blast from the past: The Paw Print staff revisits some of our favorite childhood TV shows

Picture this: It’s 2012. You’re sitting on the couch with your favorite stuffed animal, a cozy blanket, and a fresh juice box. You’re fixated on the TV because your mom just turned on your favorite show after waking up from a delightful nap. Life is good.

Now, come back to today and tell us: what were you watching? What was your favorite TV show in that inevitably glorious scenario we started you with?

The Paw Print staff recently revisited many of our favorite TV shows from childhood, and we wanted to share our thoughts. Keep reading to reminisce with us!

  Makinzee Boyer, Sophomore

Zoey 101 is a Nickelodeon show that aired in 2005 to 2008. The show is about Zoey Brooks and her life while going to a prestigious boarding school in California in its first year of accepting girl students.

Brooks learns many lessons throughout her teenage years while balancing her school work and time with her friends and younger brother who also attend the school.

With a total of 61 episodes, the show deals with topics that are relatable and funny, making it a nostalgic must-watch series.

I think, like most other shows geared to a younger audience, Zoey 101 is fun, light hearted, and a absolute classic.

I enjoyed watching the show when I was younger because it was a way for my older sister and I to bond.

However, more than that, the show also teaches kids the importance of trying new things and going against societal norms because doing so can help you make lifelong friends and memories.

       Jo Brown, Sophomore

Wonder Pets is a Nickelodeon Jr. show that aired from 2006-2016, following the life of three classroom pets: Ming-Ming Duckling, Turtle Tuck, and Linny, the Guinea Pig.

During the school day, they have a normal life, but once the children leave, and the phone rings (indicating an animal in need of help), they become superheroes! They travel around the globe to animals in trouble and using teamwork to help.

When I was a child, I remember adoring the introduction of the show. It’s extremely catchy, and I still remember parts of it today.

I believe it’s the most memorable thing about the show because the introduction is so iconic. Looking back, I also enjoy the style of the show. I like how it looks almost like collage art!

Overall, Wonder Pets is the perfect, low-stimulating show for kids across the world to enjoy. It teaches lessons like the importance of teamwork, problem solving, and helping others.

     Tatum Gaines, Senior

Liv and Maddie is a show that ran on Disney Channel from 2013-2017 with 4 seasons. It was created by John D. Beck and Ron Hart.

It is about identical twins who have completely different lives. Maddie is a star basketball player in Wisconsin who is both popular and a huge tomboy.

Liv is a star on a TV show in Hollywood and is also a girly-girl. They both moved back home and found it difficult to share space and lives with one another.

Growing up, Dove Cameron was always one of my favorite actresses, and she is a star in the show, playing the role of the twins.

I always loved the show because I thought the idea of having a twin when I was younger was cool. Also, as a young kid, I played basketball and loved it, so I found interest in that aspect of the show.

Anna Klaire Hawkins, Senior

Hannah Montana was a 2000s Disney Channel sitcom starring Miley Cyrus. This show lasted four seasons and ran from 2006-2011.

Hannah Montana showcases the double-life of Miley Stewart: she presents herself as a normal teenager as she experiences the environmental struggles of being a teenager in a public high school whilst transforming into global pop-sensation Hannah Montana overnight.

Her blonde wig helps her transform into Hannah Montana as her natural brunette hair keeps her secret life private. Throughout the four seasons, Miley attempts conceals her popstar identity whilst maintaining friendships and romantic relationships.

This show established my passion for writing music and was the initial reason I signed up for my first dance class.

Overall, Hannah Montana greatly impacted my childhood and allowed me to express myself at such a young age.

         Jacob Hughes, Senior

Shake It Up was a show on Disney Channel that ran from 2010-2013, ending after its 3rd season.

The show follows the adventures of best friends CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, who dream of becoming professional dancers.

Their aspirations become reality when they land roles as background dancers on a local teen dance show called “Shake It Up, Chicago!”

The series shows their journey as they navigate the ups and downs of showbiz and pursue their dreams while balancing school and friendships.

This was my go to show when I came home from school when I was in elementary school.

My favorite episode was when they had to fly a plane. Overall, this was one of my favorite shows from my childhood, and I’d probably still enjoy watching it to this day.

         Eden Husarik, Senior

iCarly is a Nickelodeon show that embarks on a journey through the lives of 3 teenagers filming a webcast. The show ran from 2007-2012 and grasped the attention of many kids all over America.

Carly Shay and her brother Spencer are living in Seattle, Washington with her best friends and neighbor, Freddie Benson, Sam Puckett, and Gibby. Their lives are completely flipped upside down when Carly’s web show “iCarly” became a smashing success. Together, they perform comedy skits, entertain thousands of fans, and host their very own web show in the comfort of Carly’s house.

As a young kid constantly watching iCarly, this show has inspired me to be creative and check out new interests, as the characters on the show always embraced their unique ideas to entertain themselves and others.

Watching iCarly, I realized the importance of sharing interests with friends. The show always sparked my friends and my creativity to which have created many crazy stories that we still tell today.

iCarly is the perfect family-friendly show that showcases the fun adventures of a group of young friends as they navigate through their teenage years. The show promotes a positive demonstration of the importance of creativity and friendships.

       Adsea Schieler, Junior

H2o: Just Add Water was a show made back in 2006 that was later made into an updated version in 2013 called Mako Mermaids.

I loved this show as a kid because of the adventures and lots of action-based episodes.

Mako Mermaids is about three girls that protect their island “Mako” by trying to take away a merman who accidently fell into the moon pool.

Many problems come up on the lines of staying out of the moonlight, keeping their secret from land people and making new friends. New mermaids come later on to help with the merman. The mermaids live with the principal of SunCoast High, who is also a mermaid and has a secret part of her house with treasures from the seas.

As more problems along the way appear the mermaids become close friends with the merman and eventually see him as a friend and not a threat as they join together to solve other problems that come their way.

          Josh Stearns, Senior

Gravity Falls ran on Disney XD from June 15, 2012, until February 15, 2016.

During this time, the showrunners crafted a magnum opus of a story, detailed with a rich backstory, lessons, and funny moments.

The show’s re-watchability allows the viewer to discover  a new secret hidden within each and every scene. The show’s staying power creates a great sense of nostalgia for the people who watched it when they were young.

I truly believe that Gravity Falls created a sense of wonder and creativity for the millions of viewers during its four-year run time.

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