Guide to prom pre-planning


Since West’s prom is so quickly approaching, the journalists here at The Paw Print thought it might be a nice idea to provide you upperclassmen with a little planning guide to have the greatest night on April 23rd.

First and foremost, ladies, make sure you find a dress that you love and makes you feel like the most beautiful and glamorous version of yourself, or don’t. Buy a pant suit that makes you feel better than you’ve ever felt, just a flawless outfit to begin the process that is prom.

Gentleman, match your lady. Converse with your date and make sure you don’t get a cobalt blue vest and tie when her dress is teal.

Once clothing arrangements are made, the next step is to figure out what kind of meal you’re going to be looking for that night.

Piece of advice, don’t go anywhere that doesn’t take reservations. Who wants to be waiting to eat in their nice dress amongst common people? Nobody.  It’s okay to be honest.

Some of the fancier restaurants in town include, Biaggi’s, Jim’s Steakhouse, Baxter’s, CJ’s, Medici, Anju Above, Alexander’s Steakhouse, and Jesse’s Grille which is inside The Marriott hotel in Uptown Normal.

After the plans for the dinner meal have been figured, the next important step is for the ladies, look up (preferably on Pinterest) hair do ideas.

If you need a little advice about what hair to do with what dress, I’ll give you some pointers.

If the dress has an open back or low v, the most flattering hairstyle would be an updo or half up half down look.

Hardly any dresses look great with hair being all the way down simply because it takes away from the formality that is the prom look. However, the half up half down hairstyle could work well with ultimately any dress, varying the degree of class with the how tight or loose you choose your curls to be.

Back to the planning advice for the ladies and ‘gents.  After dinner reservations are made, the only thing you have left to plan for are pictures.

Pictures are possibly the most important part of the night, besides the dance itself, so you have to pick a venue that really brings out the feel you and your date are trying to portray.

Some popular places for pictures include, McGraw Park, Uptown Normal, the David-Davis Mansion,  and potentially just your front yard (if it’s scenic enough).

After the time and place has been set for prom pictures, then your planning is complete, and you have nothing else to worry about, your night will be FANTASTIC!

Hopefully my advice on pre-planning has been of use to all of you upperclassmen, just remember the night can only be as good as you plan for it to be.