Students react to new Apple watch


Apple to release their first brand of watches. Shown here is the Apple Watch Sport model.

As many people know, Apple has ventured out of its comfort zone and has taken steps to create a new technological advancement: the Apple Watch. This watch will be released April 24. Initially unknown to most, the Apple Watch is becoming widely popular.

The prestige of Apple is sure to call attention to many consumers this spring. states, “Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology.”

The Apple “smartwatch” will come in three forms: the sport model, the regular fashion watch, and the 18-karat gold edition. Evidently, this watch has the expectancy to become so popular that it’ll be sold around the world. The sport model, the cheaper of the two watches, begins at $350/£299/AU$499, while the gold watch expands to costing up to $1700/£13,500/AU$24,000.

This watch is iPhone compatible and “is focusing on first chic wearable over geeky tech” according to shares that the features of this watch include the reporting of your day-to-day progress levels regarding fitness and activity, holds your iPhone’s notifications, and provides the time across the globe.

Normal West seniors Sydney Powell and Rachel Smith responded to the hype regarding this new watch. Sydney said, “I would buy this watch just because of the name-brand, it makes sense that so many people want it.” She said that she would only go for the sport model, considering the cost is quite intimidating. Rachel spoke about the watch similarly: “I would buy the sport model watch because I think it’s reasonably priced. After all, it is Apple.”

Check out the Apple website to find out more details about this product.