Ms Mayer returns, replaces Mr Hill

Ms Mayer replaces Mr Hill
Ms Mayer replaces Mr Hill

The spring semester of 2015 brings back the much-loved social studies teacher, Ms. Mayer. Students are delighted that she has come back from her one semester at Normal Community High School to teach once again at Normal West. Ms. Mayer has returned as a replacement for Mr. Hill, teaching classes she taught last year at West. As many West students know, Mr. Hill is no longer teaching, but is now taking on the role of assistant principal. Mr. Walker took a job as a principal in another district and is no longer an assistant principal here.

This semester Ms. Mayer will be teaching US History classes and AP Psychology courses as she had in previous years. While the courses are similar to those she taught at Normal Community, she did highlight some differences within the schools. Specifically, the social studies teacher noted that the buildings were the biggest difference, and added that she was teaching different students.

However, she discussed the greatness of all students she has encountered, and recognized that each school has problems of its own, but overall she has formed memorable student-teacher relationships. Specifically Ms. Mayer said, “I met a lot of great students there, I met a lot of great students here.”

Mayer also added: “Things over at NCHS are better than people lead on; at the end of the day they’re both great places to work.” Whether she’s teaching at Community or teaching here, it is quite evident that Ms. Mayer has a passion for what she’s doing and a great appreciation for the relationships she’s forming along the way.

When asked if she was happy to be a Wildcat again, Ms. Mayer quickly replied; “oh yeah, this is my home.” She shared that her first day alone had been a great day getting to see old students and new ones excited to see her back.

Many students are extremely thrilled to have their favorite teacher back. Sydney Powell (12) had Ms. Mayer for Psychology junior year and is excited to have her back at West; she shared, “Ms. Mayer is just relatable to all students and makes class fun.”

Shannon Wheeler (12) added, “she builds relationships with all of her students and connects with them more than the average teacher and that’s what makes her so great.”

Another excitement in the school is Mr. Hill’s new position. He’s very hopeful about his new job of being assistant principal. When asked how he felt about his new job he said, “excited is the first word that has comes to mind. I’ve been looking for an opportunity for education leadership for a long time.”

Mr. Hill has also shared his optimism about Ms. Mayer coming back. Particularly he said, “I think Ms. Mayer is an awesome teacher and I’m very proud that she made the decision to come back. Psychology will continue to improve with her being here.”

If you get the chance, be sure to stop in and say hi to Ms. Mayer!