Racism in the court house?

Many African Americans thinks that courthouse makes a difference between whites and black. Is it fair that blacks get more time for a crime than a white person who commits a crime  similar. Shanesha Taylor a 35  old single  mother of three was arrested for leaving her child in the car to go to an interview. Although it was a sign of child abuse and neglect why should she be looked as another African American neglecting their children when all she was trying to do was provide for her kids. Rather than Catalina Closure was under the influence and drove 12 miles with her 2 months on top of the car and made a sudden stop until the child fell off the car. The only type of punishment she got was probation she didn’t get her child taken away nor did she do jail time long for that type of crime. In Amari opinion she stated “ Everyone makes mistakes but in certain situations the law should consider acting harder on choices made by that person instead of looking at the race.” Meaning looking more in the crime that was taken and take the right actions for it instead of going off of race.

” Robert H Richards a white man found guilty of raping his daughter court sentence him eight years and prison but he got release because he wouldn’t farwell behind close bars so he was put on probation. Many may think that this situation does not have to do with anything but an african American named Aswad Ayinde get 90 years for raping his daughters. Ramona White  stated that “ This is an similar crime may be different the fact still remains that both of them raped an underage girl who were  their daughters but the black men gets more time with no probation rather than a white man who gets no jail time only probation.” Many may look at this not being an black or white thing but how ever action show it is an white or black side that judges chose to pick from and African Americans get harder punishments rather than any white person. When in reality were all the same and should be treated as equal only thing that makes Americans different is race.