Students wind down year with West Fest


Every year the students at Normal West participate in a day called West Fest. It is a carnival type event that allows for the students to do different activities and let loose for a couple of hours.

The beginning of the day started like a regular school day except there were shortened class periods in the morning. Then from 12:40-2:30,students enjoyed West Fest.

There were many different activities such as 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, improv shows, video games, a dunk tank, movie showings, and much more. A lot of students enjoy this day because it’s a reward for getting to this point in the school year.

“I like West Fest because it usually means that the school year is coming to a close and it gives us some hope that we can make it through these last few weeks of school”, said Mitchell Bertrand, a junior at Normal West.

For most of the school this is a day of games, but for the seniors, this is a day of reminiscing with their brick painting.

“As a freshman you walk down the senior hallway and see those bricks everyday thinking of what you’ll do when it comes time for you to do one. Never in a million years did I think this day would come so soon and that it would be my turn to leave my mark,” said senior Ashley Wickenhauser.

Senior brick painting is a momentous thing for the senior class and gives them something for Normal West to remember them by. It also gives them a chance to enjoy some time with their fellow seniors since this chapter in life will soon be coming to a close.

Whether you were enjoying some basketball, eating a funnel cake, or leaving your mark, West Fest 2014 was without a doubt a hit!