Computer games distract West students

West students avoid work and fill time with computer games

West students avoid work and fill time with computer games

It’s a student’s greatest feeling to walk into a class and see the school laptop cart sitting in the front of a classroom. For teachers it brings a sense of fear that students will slack off and play computer games all class period instead of doing their work.

Games like Return Man and Balloon Tower Defense are a few of the many games where students waste time on the computer.

“I go just to play maybe one round” said Andrew Loy [10], “ But I get so engrossed in the game and before I know it the class is over.”

Not a surprise, this happens to most students. The games bring you in and eventually you can’t get out because you ‘have to get to this one level’.

“When I bring in the cart I know what students are going to do.” said Mr. Rumps. “But I have to use the laptops and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

The school board brought in laptops for junior high students to use as text books in order to save money and to reduce the amount of books taking up storage. When the change comes to the high schools it will bring even more temptation to avoid work and to play online games.

“ I’ll admit it I’ve skipped out on my work and played games plenty of times but it shows on my grade.” said an anonymous source.

The school has tried to solve the online game pandemic that is spreading throughout the school by blocking certain websites that have non-educational games. But many websites exist that are able to break the blocked software.

In the end students will always find a way to avoid doing their schoolwork and the only thing teachers can do is to try to catch them red handed.