Bye Bye Birdie to say hello to West


Bye Bye Birdie is this year’s musical and is coming to West this May to dazzle and impress the audience.

Bye Bye Birdie is about a rock singer, Conrad Birdie, who is drafted into the army but before he leaves he goes to Ohio to give his biggest fan a kiss when she wins the contest. He stays with the girl who won the contest, Kim MacFee. Then everything that can go wrong does go wrong. You’ll have to go see it to find out what else happens.

“This show is very fun. The music is iconic and just gets stuck in your head. Every time the characters are on stage they just make the scene amazing. It is just over the top,” said Ms. Smith, the director of the musical.

Bye Bye Birdie will be staring two sophomores, Nathan Morrisette as Albert and Ani Chalian as Kim, and then Conrad Birdie is Christopher Meyers. It isn’t usual to have two sophomore leads in a musical.

Bye Bye Birdie is based in the 1950s. Rock songs will be the focal point during this musical, so those who like old rock and roll will like this musical.

“I love being in musical,” said Lauren Laine (10) who is in the ensemble in Bye Bye Birdie.

It is said that this play is based off of Elvis Presley and when he got drafted to go to the army. Conrad Birdie is based off Conway Twitty, a star in one of Elvis’s song and a rival of Elvis.

“Musical is a lot of fun, I cant wait,” said Kitty Hoover (10).

Bye Bye Birdie will be playing on the first weekend in May, May 2 and 3. Come down and support your fellow Wildcats and enjoy this year’s musical Bye Bye Birdie.