NCAA final four preview


Final Four taking place in Arlington, TX at AT&T Stadium, Saturday April 5th

After more than a couple thousand regular-season games, 286 conference tournament games and 64 NCAA tournament games, we have finally arrived at the Final Four that will take place outside Dallas, TX, on Saturday, April 5th.

The four teams that are in the Final Four are: Florida, who is the overall number one seed in the tournament, Wisconsin (2 seed), Connecticut (7), and Kentucky (8). Florida will be playing Connecticut at 5 p.m., and Wisconsin will play Kentucky at 7:45, both games are in Arlington, TX at AT&T Stadium.

The Florida Gators ended the season on a 32 game winning streak having a final regular season record of 30-2. Their only two losses in the regular season were to number two seed Wisconsin and number eight seed Connecticut. The Gators also got the overall number one seed in the tournament giving them the easiest road to the Final Four.

When asked about Florida’s season, senior Matt Rapp  said, ” i would say that Florida could have been undefeated going into the tournament if their whole team was healthy and if one of their best players wasn’t suspended.”

The Wisconsin Badgers had a good season with a 30-7 record. The Badgers started the season on a 16 game winning streak. They got the second seed in the west region, having to beat number one seed Arizona in the Elite Eight to reach the Final Four.

The Connecticut Huskies finished with a record of 30-8. Their coach Kevin Ollie told news reporters, ” to beat Florida this saturday we have to play as a team, execute the game plan, and keep the game low scoring.” Connecticut got to the final four by beating number four seed Michigan State 60 to 54.

The Kentucky Wildcats finished with a record of 28-10. The Wildcats probably had the toughest schedule in the tournament, playing number nine seed Kansas State, number one seed Wichita State, number four seed Louisville, and number two seed Michigan. The Wildcats are a young team who have three freshman in the starting lineup.

Sophomore Kyle Stork said, ” I’m a Kentucky fan and I hope they win, but this Final Four will be very interesting to watch.”

After all the games these teams have played during the season, they have been looking forward to playing in the tournament and reaching the Final Four, hoping to get to the national championship and winning it all.