P.E.’s Wellness Week a success


Dominique Stevenson (12) and a friend stop to pose during the Polar Run.

March 2nd through March 7th students celebrated “Wellness Week” at Normal West. This was a week dedicated to fitness and fun all while educating students and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Each day during wellness week there was a different theme. There was also a health-based question asked every day on the announcements that students could answer to receive prizes.

A lot of students had positive things to say about the week. “I think it’s great! I’m in personal development and it’s nice to be able to have a break from all the crazy weight workouts and enjoy other options,” said Ashley Wickenhauser, a senior.

She’s right. Students in physical education classes got to pick a different class to participate in on Monday. They would switch classes on Wednesday.

Tuesday was “bring a teacher to class day”. It’s not often that we get to see our teachers in another environment, let alone working out. If you walked in on PE classes Tuesday you might of seen Mrs. Codron doing the Wildcat circuit with personal development or Mr. Fincham playing Frisbee with team PE. Many different teachers took the time to participate in a class, which helped to show that they could practice what they preach.

Lifting. Running. Lifting. Running. Lifting. Repeat… This is the week in the life of a student in personal development class. Sometimes you just need a break and some new scenery. Which is exactly why Wednesday was perfect for every student around school. Personal Development students participated in Team PE, Dance Fitness students went to personal and got to enjoy the weight room that they’re rarely in. Whatever the case was, students enjoyed getting to be with new people and get their workout in a different way.

Thursday was the day that the “Polar Run” would take place. Many people were upset at the thought of even going outside into the chilling temperatures. But when Thursday finally arrived the teachers decided collectively that it was too cold to be outdoors and came up with an alternative. Instead, the students did a 20-minute run indoors around obstacles throughout the gym and hallways. Some students, on the other hand, were upset because they thought it would of been more enjoyable to go outside.

“I think going outside would of made the polar run more interesting. Plus people would have ran faster so that they could get out of cold temps,” said senior Ryan Frye.

Lastly but definitely not least were the Wildcat Olympics, a day of different events that students participated in for points. Each class went against each other and at the end of the day the totals were averaged and whichever class had the best average won the Olympics overall. There was basketball, hockey, panty hose skiing, and even curling! It was a great way to wind down the week and get everyone pumped.