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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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Wildcat boys basketball goes 2-2 in Intercity Tournament

Wildcat Boys Basketball is coming off of a 2-2 Intercity Tournament record to head into the regular season. They play at Peoria Richwoods on Thursday, November 30.

The Normal West Wildcats kicked off the season with their first win against Central Catholic in the Intercity Tournament. The ending score was 55-44.

The second matchup of the season was against University High School. The Wildcats fell short by 14, with the ending score 44-50. Senior Nate Moore was the leading scorer with 16 points. Senior Undrell Alexander came in second with 9 points, all threes. 

Next it was Normal West vs. Bloomington High School. Moore, Senior Isaiah Robinson, and Junior Alex Austin worked together as leading scorers to beat the Raiders 68-37. 

To end the Intercity Tournament the Wildcats played the Normal Community Ironmen. Although the game was close, in the last couple minutes of the game, they fell short by 3 points. They ended the game with a score of 57-54.

Wildcat Boys Basketball ended their Intercity tournament with a 2-2 record. They open up their Conference schedule with a matchup with Peoria Richwoods on Thursday, November 30. (Photograph by Lorelai Hoban)

Nate Moore and Freshman Camron Dunson-Riggs contributed 35 of the points.

“We felt hope and were dialed in to win in those last couple minutes,” Moore noted.

The Wildcats were 2-2 for the Intercity Tournament, a tournament that the Wildcats won just one year ago.

Moore was the leading scorer throughout the tournament with double digits each game.

“I did what I felt was needed to contribute my part for the team. Everybody contributed their part to the team, which led us in the success our team had” Nate Moore said. 

The Wildcats travel to Peoria Richwoods on Thursday, November 30 at 7 p.m.

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