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Normal West IMC celebrates ‘Read Across America Week’ in early March

Provided by Tera Hafermann
The Normal West IMC celebrated Read Across America Week with trivia, prizes, and games! Head to the IMC throughout the month of April for even more prizes, contests, and overall fun!

On March 4-8, “Read Across America” took place. 

“Read Across America” aims to “create & celebrate a nation of diverse readers.” Here at Normal West, students recorded themselves reading diverse children’s books aloud. 

The videos were then edited by the IMC staff and sent to elementary schools around Unit 5.

There was also a “Spin to Win” wheel challenge in the IMC relating to a daily hashtag and a prompt relating to a book that was posted in the IMC’s Google Classroom (code: goi3hyv)!

March Book Madness is also a part of this month’s IMC events. The bracket is made up of the Lincoln Award nominees and everybody in the school has a chance to vote up until there is a champion. Additionally, there is a bonus for voting! Voting for a book will automatically enter your name into a raffle.

March is also Women’s History month! Check out some of the inspiring reads, and while you’re at it, have shot at some Women’s History trivia displayed on the TVs!

Moving on to April, it  has to be one of the most loaded months for the IMC!

There will be poetry books front and center on the shelves, similar to how books were shown previously during Black History and Women’s History month.

No matter if you read poetry a lot or don’t read poetry at all, the IMC implores you to check out some of the great poetry being featured this month!

While you’re there,  grab a poem from the “Poem in Your Pocket” board on the wall to share with someone! Additionally, there will be a Blackout Poetry contest! 

April is also Autism Acceptance Month!  The IMC will set out several inspiring books to educate and promote acceptance of individuals with autism, along with all the poetry. 

Be sure to stop by and check out one of these great reads! Another fun thing happening in April is School Library Appreciation Month! 

The title is self-explanatory, but if it isn’t, it’s the time to show your love for the school IMC and the hard-working people that help it operate! There will be cards that you can write about how much you love your IMC!

Head to the IMC today!

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