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Rumps wins 2024 ‘King of Hearts’ competition

Jossie Rood
Senior ‘King of Hearts’ participants, Trey Frost, Johnny Freymann, Zach Rumps, Ty Upton, & Brett Bursack are all set to take the stage next Friday, February 10 for the 2024 West competition.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Normal West Student Council is presenting this year’s annual King of Hearts — Men In Black edition.

On Saturday, Feb 10, 16 contestants, ranging from freshmen to seniors, competed to win over the school’s heart through pick-up lines, unique talents, dancing, and much more.

After 16 incredible acts, Senior Zach Rumps took home the crown with a reenactment of a Blue Man Group performance. This is the second year in a row for Rumps to win!

King Of Hearts is a Normal West tradition like no other, and it draws in a strong crowd each year. For entertainment, each class hosts a few male students to compete.

This year’s seniors are Brett Bursack (2nd year), Johnny Freymann (3rd year), Trey Frost (1st year), Ty Upton (2nd year), and Zach Rumps (3rd year).

This year’s junior participants are Junior Gonzalez (2nd year), Jack Hanks (1st Year), Charlie Moore (1st year), Carlos Ramos (second year), and Nolan Schultz (1st year).

This year’s sophomore contestants are Ryan Carmona (2nd year), Jace Flemming (1st year), Briar Leenerman (2nd year), and Jrue Mangruem (2nd year).

This year’s freshmen performers are Grant Marvel and Drake Rumps. 

These contestants have been working tirelessly alongside the Student Council to put on an exciting show.

Returning Junior Prince, Zach Rumps, looks to top the competition, once again, this year with his performance.

“Hopefully I can take home the crown this year, but either way, it’s been an amazing 3 years with King of Hearts,” Rumps shared. Behind the scenes of every show, there is always a purpose.

The 2024 King of Hearts Show is donating all proceeds to a former Normal West student and athlete, Jaxynn Dyson, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 1 non-invasive bladder cancer.

Normal West Student Council is aiming to use the profits made at King of Hearts to help Dyson with her medical bills and help her continue toward her goal of becoming a teacher.

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