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The Power of Art: A Mr. Akyuz Feature

Joshua Stearns
During 7th hour art class, Mr Akyuz (or Mr. A. as many students call him), takes the time to converse with his students about their artistic mediums. Mr. A. is one of many beloved teachers here at West!

Normal Community West High School offers a variety of art classes, many of which students use as a creative outlet, or a relaxing class in their schedule.

Many of these classes are taught by Ali Akyuz, who has worked as an art teacher for 11 years, with six of those being at NCWHS.

Classes currently taught by Mr. Akyuz include Ceramics and Sculptures I & II, Creative Aspirations, and Photography I & II.

He has previously taught Drawing and Painting and Creative Careers in Art. Each class teaches different forms of art, some of which include paper drawings, wheel throwing, wire sculpting, and cameras and photo editing.

Akyuz’s large repertoire of classes has allowed him to connect with hundreds of students through the years.

“We’re all artists; the best way to be inspired is to see art. I get inspired by some of the problems they have with their work, and I like brainstorming and troubleshooting to come up with solutions for them,” Akyuz states.

Additional contributions to West, aside from teaching, include several logos and designs for different clubs and West organizations.

Akyuz designs these on his own time, sends them to the school or club head, then takes any feedback and makes adjustments to ensure every logo and design are the best quality requirements are met.

In fact, do you like our Paw Print logo? Mr. A designed it!

Outside of teaching art, Akyuz runs an art studio in Bloomington-Normal, That Art Studio.

There, he and his wife teach art lessons to around 12 students, which consists of teaching them new techniques to improve and create their own artistic pieces.

In addition, Akyuz finds interest in, “Pinball, bands, flying remote control model airplanes, and building things.”

“I really like art because it allows me to be a lot of things at the same time. I’m a curious human and I like inquiring into different disciplines, I like to learn about science, math, engineering, building, and art allows me to investigate those areas without having to do too much back work,” Akyuz states.

Akyuz, for many, serves as a positive, relaxing part in many students’ stressful schedules. As course selections take place, consider adding an art class to your schedule.

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