Waffles VS. Pancakes


Paw Print Staff

Students Brandon Cary (12), Abby Craig (12) and Sara Yoder (11) talk about why they love animals during their lunch.

We went around Normal West asking students if waffles or pancakes were better. We chose this because they’re such similar breakfast foods. We found that people loved one or the other for many reasons.

“Waffles because they’re pancakes with more texture.”

Brandon Cary (12)


“Waffles because you can put chocolate chips in the holes.”

Abby Craig (12)


“Waffles because you can eat them with your hands.”

Sara Yoder (11)


“Pancakes bring the world together and they’re fun to make.”

Aly York (10)


“Pancakes because you can put more in them”

Molly Alvis (11)


“Pancakes because they make my heart happy.”

Riley Neal (12)


“Waffles because they’re easier to share.”

Sabrina Poston (12)


“Waffles, lego my eggo.”

Sam Jackson (12)


“Waffles because they have more texture and aren’t as heavy”

 Jade Morgan (11)