Best way to ask for a prom date?


Sapphire Campbell- ” I want to be a good person, because I want to leave this world better then i found it.”

we asked 10 Normal West students ways they would like to be asked to prom and ways they get asked. These were our favorites,


Sapphire Campbell said, “I think it would be neat to be asked by just walking down the street and someone be sitting up in a tree call down to you and ask you to prom and then climb down out of the tree to hear your answer.”


Kristi Schmidt said, “Anything softball or sport related. I think it would be nice if I was asked using things from my favorite sports teams.”


Allison Poncin said, ” I would love for my boyfriend to ask me with a sign that says ‘ I’ll go to prom with you when pigs fly’ and then have pink balloons that are made to look like pigs.”


Taii Alford said “I would make it causal since I don’t have a girlfriend I would ask a girl that I am close with maybe bring her, her favorite candy and ask.”

Alan hernendez
Alan hernendez

Alan Hernandez said “I would make it big and romantic put balloons everywhere and put a flowers and a big poster asking her to prom because prom is a big deal in high school you only have 2 chances you can go in your 4 years of high school.”