Which do you prefer to watch at West girls basketball or Boys?

Monti Banks likes girls basketball better.

Monti Banks likes girls basketball better.

We went around the school asking many people for their opinions on which basketball team they have more interest in watching at Normal West. These are the answers we found the most interesting and worth sharing.

Junior Chris Willson Poston responded that he prefered to watch boys basketball. “I like to watch boys basketball because the boys game is more entertaining”

We found this next response humorous, junior Alexis Richardson said she prefered to watch boys basketball because she likes basketball players. “Boys, because I like basketball players. That’s pretty much it.”

Freshman Nathan Miller agrees with the majority of the people we asked, “I like boys basketball because they score more points than the girls do in their games.”

Jamie Biancalana, a junior, is in the opposite opinion of everyone. “I like to watch girls team because the boys can get cocky and it gets on my nerves.”

Now for our favorite response from junior Monti Banks. “I think the girls are better than the boys because they have a lot of good players and because they incorporate the whole team unlike the boys do.”

The majority of the people will say they like to watch the boys play over the girls because they forget that girls can also be just as good as boys and can get professional opportunities just like guys.