Why do you like Trivia Crack?

Why do you like Trivia Crack?

Following in the footsteps of the iconic games Flappy Bird and 2048, the newest app obsession is a trivia game called Trivia Crack.  This addictive game has certainly become a buzz at West, so let’s see what students have to say about it.

Ani Chalian (11)
“I love this game because I’m insanely competitive! It lets me show off.”

Samantha Wetzel (12)
“This game is the best. I’m on the Scholastic Bowl team and it helps me practice.”

Liam Freeman (11)

“It’s a great way to play against your friends and see who is better.”

Sabrina Posten (11)
“I like it when I have people around to answer the questions for me, because when I don’t I lose and it’s depressing.”

Nick Huber (11)
“The game is fun because the questions are interesting and you get to play against your friends.”