Fully Diminished continues to grow

Keaton Knuth, Staff Reporter

A capella groups are becoming the new “it” thing within the choir scene. Normal West has two a capella groups, Fully Diminished and Colla Voce. Fully Diminished is an all male group that consists of guys from all grades.

Fully Diminished takes popular songs heard on the radio and sings them. The unique part is that they don’t use instruments, they use their voices instead.

A capella is choral singing without the use of instruments. It was commonly used in churches that lacked organs. It became even more popular when movie “Pitch Perfect” one, two and three was released.

There are eleven men in the group: Tyler Allen (9), Noah Moss (10), Tyler Scott (10), Joe Matthews (10), Drew Barron (11), Zane Harlen (11), Gavin Cunningham (11), Levi Miller (11), Peter Van Scoyoc (11), Sean Pare (12) and Eli Baize-Weeks (12).

Mrs. Williams, who is the choir teacher at West, created the group last year in order to give the guys a chance to experience an a capella group, much like the ladies have been.

The group performs at every choir concert and the occasional venue. Performing pieces that range from classics to the pop music of today. They are led by Colene Hoose music teacher Blake Miller, former student teacher at West.

When asked what their favorite part about being in the group, Barron replied, “It provides opportunities for the guys in the group to improve our music ability. I am prepared to auditions for other groups, plus it looks good on college applications.”

Pare agreed with Barron but added that “it helps the guys maintain their full potential while being in their desired voice parts.”

The men in the group agreed that they have all been exposed to a greater variety of music because of Fully Diminished. Being in choir, they are only exposed to pieces that are required for the class.

During their last performance, the group performed “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. This is not a piece that the audience would have heard the three choirs sing together.  

Miller said that he recommend this group to “anyone who is comfortable with their own voice. You can’t be afraid to take risks. Your voice will be heard amongst the group, whether you are singing bass or tenor.”

Fully Diminished has grown in numbers since it was formed last year. The group hopes that these numbers continue to grow every year that their group remains open.