Hallmark movies bring cheer this holiday season


The roster of premiere dates for the Hallmark holiday movies this year. Photo form hallmarkchannel.com

Ariana South, Staff Reporter

Everybody knows at least one classic Hallmark Christmas movie: A big city girl goes back home for Christmas, and just when she’s about to leave, a snowstorm hits and she stays in town. While in town, she falls in love with a carpenter or a childhood friend, and falls in love with Christmas all over again.

Hallmark Christmas movies have been playing on the Hallmark Channel for eighteen years; amounting to 174 titles in total and have millions of viewers each holiday season.

Last year, the channel hit the highest viewing rate of over 72 million viewers during their famous Countdown to Christmas movie marathon.

Most  of those 72 million viewers include women, usually around ages 25 to 54. They typically like to watch them because of the combination of romantic dramas and the festive spirit.

Students and staff at West have differing viewpoints on the holiday movies.

“I love Hallmark movies,” said senior Jennifer Herring, “Sure, they are super cheesy and follow the same plot. But something about the romance during such a festive time always gets to me.” Seniors Abby Calhoun, Diana Segerstrom, and Kat Nalley all agree.

“My wife loves them,” says Mr. Berardi, a social studies teacher, “It seems as soon as the last dish from Thanksgiving dinner is cleaned up, a Hallmark Christmas movie is on. My daughter is usually right next to her, too.”

“I find that even though they are similar, all of the movies are sweet,” Mrs. Hoffman, a guidance counselor said, “I think that the mixture of the cheesy dramatic romance mixed with the festivities of the season is what keeps drawing me back in.”

This year, Hallmark expects the view count to be as high as it was or possibly more than last year’s numbers. In total, there will be 37 new Hallmark Original movies running for the 2018 season.