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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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West Senior bowling phenom on the rise

Photograph provided by Faith Sprout
West Senior Faith Sprout is the first Wildcat to make Day 2 of the IHSA Bowling State Finals. Sprout looks forward to continuing her bowling career Mount Mercy University next season.

In the world of sports, there’s often unexpected paths that lead athletes to their true passion. 

For Senior Faith Sprout, a rising star in bowling, her journey began with a series of rejections from traditional sports like soccer, softball, and basketball. 

Little did she know that her venture into the lanes would cause a love for the game.                              

“I hated every sport I was in when I was little,” Sprout admits. 

“But then my mom suggested bowling, and I decided to give it a shot since it runs in the family.From there I just fell in love.”     

Now in her third year as a member of a bowling team, Sprout’s dedication to the sport has led her to many accomplishments. 

With teammates Aubrey Rutledge and Aly Valent by her side, Sprout has made significant strides in the competitive bowling despite the challenges of forming a complete team.   

Under the guidance of coach Mike Maillous, who also oversees leagues at Pheasant Lanes, Sprout has honed her skills and set sights on collegiate bowling opportunities. 

Sprout has received offers from several universities including Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

For right now, this is  where she plans to continue her bowling career while pursuing her interest in nursing. 

Sprout’s recent success at the state level has been nothing short of impressive. 

Becoming the first person in her district to advance to day two of the state championships, she’s already making history.

Reflecting on her performance, Sprout acknowledges the fierce competition but remains determined to push herself further. “At state, there’s a lot of pressure, especially with teams cheering loudly,” Sprout shares. “But with the support of my parents and my coach, I managed to stay focused.”                       

Despite facing setbacks like a recent knee injury that threatens her upcoming season, Sprout remains resilient. 

She’s determined to come back stronger as she’s been setting ambitious goals for herself, including reclaiming the regional title and aiming for a top placement at state competitions.

In her offseason, Sprout stays active with leagues and tournaments, constantly seeking opportunities to improve her game. 

With her unwavering dedication and drive, she’s poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the lanes for years to come.


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