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IHSA announces addition of girls flag football for 2024 school year

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The IHSA will officially add girls flag football to their extensive list of sports and activities for students throughout the state to participate in.

The Illinois High School Association has announced an exciting new addition to its array of activities – girls flag football. 

Set to debut in the fall of 2024, this decision shows a significant step forward in increasing gender inclusivity in high school athletics. Including girls flag football opens up new paths for female athletes to display their skills and passion for the sport in an environment not dominated by male athletes. 

With the IHSA’s endorsement, girls flag football carries a trustworthy base as a sport worthy of competing in and watching.

Additionally, introducing girls flag football pushes the topic of addressing the gender gap in high school  sports. The decision to add girls flag football also portrays changing attitudes towards traditional one-gender sports.

As societal expectations evolve, there is a growing recognition of the importance of providing equal opportunities for all athletes. Girls flag football not only eliminates stereotypes, but also encourages girls to challenge themselves and excel in a sport that was previously less accessible to them. 

“We are going to get a club team started for the ‘24-’25  school year to get a sense of what the turnout will be. We will run practices and scrimmages to get the athletes used to the schedule. The goal is to have a girls flag football team at both Unit 5 high schools in the ‘25-’26 school year,” Normal West Athletic Director Wes Temples shared.

The IHSA’s decision to introduce girls flag football as a new sport next fall represents a significant  milestone in promoting gender inclusivity in high schools across Illinois. 

By embracing diversity and providing equal opportunities, the IHSA is not only enriching the sports experience for female athletes but also setting a positive example for the future of high school sports nationwide.




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