Unit 5 adds Lacrosse

Josh Bautista, Staff reporter

Lacrosse was once a club in Bloomington, but Unit 5 has finally come to an agreement on a co-op lacrosse team with Normal West, Normal Community, and Bloomington High.  Two years ago,  “Friends of Bloomington Normal Lacrosse” began a proposal to bring things to the next level. On October 20th 2019, the board came to an agreement on a co-op team.

Maddy McBurney(11) is a student at Normal Community High School and supported the co-op team. “After the board made their choice and said yes, the team and I stood up and cheered because we knew how much this meant to us.” she said.  McBurney plays for the Bloomington Warriors Lacrosse Club.

josh bautista
Maddy McBurney is proud to be a part of the co-op lacrosse. She looks forward to having a great season starting March.Mike Beulow is president of Friends Of Bloomington Normal Lacrosse. They help raise money for the club and pay for  busing, hotels, and equipment. “We are ⅔ away from reaching our goal.” he said. FOBNL is raising 50,000 dollars to afford everything they need to continue this co-op. 

Colton Theonnes(11) plays lacrosse. “I am excited for this co op team.” said Theonnes who attended the informational meeting last night with so much interest. He added, “I look forward to see other students play this amazing sport, and compete in my favorite sport of all time.” 

The co op lacrosse season begins in March 2020. Students from Bloomington High, Normal Community, and Normal West will be teamed up together to compete for IHSA competitions. With this co-op, Buelow, students, and parents look forward to complete their goals and continue their journey in lacrosse. 

josh bautista
Bloomington Normal lacrosse looks forward to growing over time and bring new eyes to the sport.