Wellness Week settles Wildcats back into school


Maggie Rena

(Top to bottom) Students Asia Quizon-Colquitt (10), Morgan McKinley (10), Regan Fasciek (10), Hannah Sieg (12), Bailey Turner (10), and Madison Bauer (10) form a pyramid as they participate in Monday’s scavenger hunt activity for Normal West’s Wellness Week.

Hannah Sieg, Staff Reporter

The week after spring break is almost over, and there’s no better way to help students settle back into school than to have West’s annual Wellness Week.

The Normal West PE department’s Wellness Week began on Tuesday April 3, the first day back from spring break. Wellness week is similar to a spirit week, but just for the PE classes.

Students participate in many activities throughout the week that have to do with wellness. This year wellness week landed on a four day week.

Tuesday was photo scavenger hunt day. Students are put into groups and given a list of 20 locations near both the gyms, the swim atrium, and the multipurpose room. The list includes poses and actions they have to do for the picture or video.

Wednesday was bring your teacher to class day. Most teachers are usually teaching during PE hours, but those who aren’t seem pretty excited to have a fun time with their students outside of the classroom.

Thursday was Swap day where students sign up to participate in another PE class that is during their hour. For example, students that are originally in Personal Development are able to swap to Dance Fitness for the day.

Senior Lamareon Hon said, “Swap day is my favorite because it gives me the opportunity to try a different class.”

Lastly, Friday was the Wildcat Olympics. All classes during every hour of the day compete against each other in these Olympics. There are five different events, or games, students participate in. These events include, team pushups, solo cup race, hula hoop contest, hungry hungry hippos, shoot off, and the dance off.

Wellness week has been going on at West for many years now, but some students don’t seem to enjoy it as much as others.

“Wellness week is alright. I think the younger kids or people who’ve never participated probably enjoy it more because it’s new to them. The older kids have done it for a few years now so they don’t enjoy it as much,” said Jeremy Fischer (12).

Senior Audrey Colan has never participated in Wellness week. She said, “I’ve never participated in these Olympics before and I’m excited to see what it’s all about.”

Although the week is coming to a close, most students are looking forward to their next Wellness Week.